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Here we consider the latest in home video surveillance technologies that can proactively protect your home 24/7.

Before deciding on how many security cameras you will need for your home and what type, decide which of the following two security camera systems will be best suited for your home:

Reactive Surveillance System:
This is a traditional system that can record video when “an event” occurs, such as motion. The recorded video can be played back for the purpose of positively identifying “who did what”.

Proactive Surveillance System:
The proactive system represents the latest in home video surveillance technologies. It allows home owners to be instantly notified when intruders enter the front or rear yard, before they can break and enter.

This system is designed to prevent crime from occurring by notifying you immediately if human activity is detected around your home. This is the most effective kind of home security system and far more effective than reactive surveillance systems and alarm monitoring services.

Once you have decided which of the above two security camera system is best for your home – Proactive or Reactive, you are then ready to check out our IP Surveillance Starter Guide which answers 7 key questions buyers should consider before buying a system.

A surveillance system is easily installed by the owner by purchasing a kit that contains everything that’s needed: a number of cameras, the DVR or NVR or XVR for recording and for camera integration in one system, then the cables, jacks and other accessories. If you’re a DIY type of guy, you’ll have a lot of fun setting up a surveillance kit and tweaking it around. Sample kits are available at goo.gl/oJMnHf.