Don’t Forget the LED Flashlights and LED Headlamp in Your Disaster Kit

As many of you are aware, this past Friday brought some very severe weather to many parts of the country.  I’d like to personally offer my condolences to those who were unfortunate enough to have suffered in any way as a result of the storms.

In 1965 I was just 5 years old and lived in Toledo, Ohio where our home was destroyed by a tornado on Palm Sunday.  So I know what it’s like.  We had to move away from our home for several months while our home was rebuilt.

We were the lucky ones as there were several people in our neighborhood that lost their lives that day.  To this day I have a huge respect for Mother Nature and especially tornadoes, but I don’t feel that I’m afraid of them.  I guess having lived through one has made me that way.

That being said, I take them very seriously and will do anything within my power to protect my family should one strike.

This past Friday about 5:00 or so, the tornado sirens sounded and my family started to assemble some necessities to take down to our basement should the need arise.  Unfortunately, I’m not as well prepared as I should be with food and water storage and other emergency preparation materials.

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I’ve been watching “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic channel and I can’t even hold a candle to what some of those folks have done as far as preparation goes.

So I quickly threw some non-perishable food items, bottled water, etc., into a large box just to get us through a day or so if need be.  Of course I also tossed a couple LED flashlights and my LED headlamp in there in case we lost electricity.

Obviously, my “kit” is woefully inadequate and I’m committed to ramping it up so that we have at least a week’s worth of survival supplies in case of emergency.

I went to Ready.gov, which is the government’s site for disaster preparedness and printed off a checklist of items that everyone should have just in case.  I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already.

I got the ball rolling by ordering a complete OSHA standard first-aid kit, and each week we plan on picking up some extra food and water supplies when we go to the grocery store.  I’m also going to purchase another couple LED flashlights, another LED headlamp and a ton of batteries just in case.

I’m not shooting to have enough stockpiled for months or years like some of the ‘doomsday preppers,’ but I want to be sure that we can make it for a week or so should Mother Nature cast her wrath again anytime soon.